Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 12 update

Hi everyone.

Well I'm down 2 more pounds. Lost 37 in total. Have 50 more to go. Seems like such a big number but I must celebrate the 37 already gone. We do that as ppl always looking at what still needs to be done and not taking the time to be happy about what has been done.

My eating has been a little up and down but for the most part good. Been drinking shakes during the day when I'm by myself. I find that they are quick and that's all I really have time for at the moment.

There has been a few times where I felt emotionally drained and wanted to turn to food for comfort. But I held it together. It was tempting but I made it through.

Thanks for all you support and well wishes.

Well I will check back in with you next week.

Take Care xoxoxo

Melissa Alfred

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