Sunday, June 13, 2010

losing weight by Grace and not Law

Hey everyone,

Recently I come into the understanding that the only way I am going to lose this weight, keep it off and be happy is through Grace. Yep that's right the grace of God.
Dieting and being strict with what I eat and counting calories etc... Is like being under the law for me.

I prayed last week God help. The same way you helped clean me up and remove other things that were not good for me in life and given me Grace to stay free from them is the same way I will break free from the up and down weight loss train.

I can honestly say since that prayer everything changed I just eat normal now at normal times and I don't find it hard at all. I don't desired to over eat or binge like I did before. And I just finished my first week of working out. And I found it fun and enjoyable. I noticed that my legs are getting a little smaller and you can see it in my face. Yeah! Not to mention a few people today noticed at church some weight loss. Always good sign.

And it wasn't hard. Its Grace. Oh how I like Grace.

I lost 3 pounds. (I think) my scale might be acting up b/c I went on another one and it said something different. (Don't you hate when that happens?). So I will look into that.

Well off to bed. Will be up at 6am to workout.

Taking it one day at a time!

Love Ya

Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Update

Hey y'all.
Ok so I know I'm suppose to give you updates every week but it maybe every 2 weeks right now. Just so busy. Ok so the good news first I have not gained any weight. And now the bad news I have not lost any weight either. ;( but I'm not worried that will change.

This week I plan to drink a heck of a lot more water. Not able to work out yet baby is still not sleeping through the night and hubby is gone for 2 weeks. So I'm up at night with baby and up during the day with toddler.

Chat soon. Have a great week
Melissa Alfred

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 12 update

Hi everyone.

Well I'm down 2 more pounds. Lost 37 in total. Have 50 more to go. Seems like such a big number but I must celebrate the 37 already gone. We do that as ppl always looking at what still needs to be done and not taking the time to be happy about what has been done.

My eating has been a little up and down but for the most part good. Been drinking shakes during the day when I'm by myself. I find that they are quick and that's all I really have time for at the moment.

There has been a few times where I felt emotionally drained and wanted to turn to food for comfort. But I held it together. It was tempting but I made it through.

Thanks for all you support and well wishes.

Well I will check back in with you next week.

Take Care xoxoxo

Melissa Alfred

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Down 35 pounds!!

Hi everyone,

It been a little while since my last post. I was waiting for my sons arrival.

He was born on April 16th. And he is perfect.

He is now 12 days old. I went into the hospital at 217 pounds and as of yesterday I weight 182. Down 35 pounds.

So instead of losing 70 pounds my new goal is 52 that will take me to 130lbs. :)

As of right now I'm just eating well and trying to get into the swing of being a new mom again and a mother of 2.
I welcome all helpful tips!!

I'm not working out yet. I still need some recovery time.
So I'm thinking June I will start.

Well check back in with me next Wednesday for my weight loss update.

Thanks everyone.

Monday, March 15, 2010

lady In Waiting

Hi everyone,

Well I'm down to the last few days-weeks to go and I can't wait to have my baby. Can't wait to hold him and kiss him and smell him and see his face. I also can't wait to start the process of getting my body back.

Last time I gave birth I left the hospital with my beautiful new daughter and 18 pounds lighter. Yep that's a plus. You can lose up to 20 pounds in just a few minutes. At least it sort of makes up for the jelly belly that needs work after giving birth.

So here is the plan for the first 30 to 40 days after birth. (I will check in with my body and see when is a good time to push into a 5 day a week work out.)

No sweets. I don't care if it was my bday party. NO sweets.
No meat. Its hard on my digestive system. Lots of ways to get protein in other then animal flesh.
No eating after 8:30 pm. That will switch after the first month. But I don't think I will be getting much sleep at first. And dinner time will be all over the map.
Lots of water veg and fruit.
Limit my breads and pasta.

And the whole time I will bless the Lord and pull on his strength to do this. xoxoxox.
I will be open and honest and transparent with my process.
Its so freeing. You will know my ups and my downs as I take it one pound at a time.

Now I just wait. Baby come on down.

Thanks for you support.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Well this is my first post. And Yes I'm losing it!!!!!! And I'm glad to get started and to share with all of you my journey.

This decision to start a blog about lossing weight and going public with it is inspired by a lady that I followed all last year. She said that the accountable to her readers really helped to push her and keep her on track.

I will be sharing my goals with you, the good times the bad the ups and the downs, the challenges and milestone that I come across.

As of today I am a week away from my 9th month of pregnancy so lossing weight will have to start after the baby is born in a few weeks. I just wanted to get started with my blog so I am ready to go.

Once the baby is born I want to lose 70lbs or so. My goal weight is 130 lbs. Goal date Dec 31 2010.

Once the baby is born I will give you my final weight and adjust my weight goal if need be. I will be weighing in once a week to let you know how I'm doing on a weekly basis. I will also have goals for myself and rewards along the way. Not sure what they are yet. I'm thinking spa days are good.

I will slowly ease into working out for the first month and eat lots of veg and fruit. No sweets and also no meat. I'm not into meat right now. Don't worry there are tons of ways to get protein in my diet.

Once the first week of May rolls around I will start my workout program. Charelene Extreme. 5 days a week.

Thanks everyone for coming on this journey with me and for your support. I encourage anyone who also wants to lose weight to jump on board with me and let's do it together.

Take Care
Melissa Alfred