Monday, March 15, 2010

lady In Waiting

Hi everyone,

Well I'm down to the last few days-weeks to go and I can't wait to have my baby. Can't wait to hold him and kiss him and smell him and see his face. I also can't wait to start the process of getting my body back.

Last time I gave birth I left the hospital with my beautiful new daughter and 18 pounds lighter. Yep that's a plus. You can lose up to 20 pounds in just a few minutes. At least it sort of makes up for the jelly belly that needs work after giving birth.

So here is the plan for the first 30 to 40 days after birth. (I will check in with my body and see when is a good time to push into a 5 day a week work out.)

No sweets. I don't care if it was my bday party. NO sweets.
No meat. Its hard on my digestive system. Lots of ways to get protein in other then animal flesh.
No eating after 8:30 pm. That will switch after the first month. But I don't think I will be getting much sleep at first. And dinner time will be all over the map.
Lots of water veg and fruit.
Limit my breads and pasta.

And the whole time I will bless the Lord and pull on his strength to do this. xoxoxox.
I will be open and honest and transparent with my process.
Its so freeing. You will know my ups and my downs as I take it one pound at a time.

Now I just wait. Baby come on down.

Thanks for you support.

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